Your 2022 BUDDIES

Taylor Fjellstrom

Hi, my name is Taylor Fjellstrom! I am originally from Torrance, CA and I am currently a Theatre Creations and Dance double major at Ball State University. I love drawing, painting, hanging out with my friends and I am in LOVE with pickles!

Skylar Torrey

Skylar is a senior Theatre Education Major who is currently student teaching at Arsenal Technical High School! This is her second year working with Prism Project and she looks forward to working with the amazing staff and students. 


Kailee Saulsgiver

This is Kailee's fifth year with Prism Project! She is currently working on a master's degree in Special Education and Applied Behavior Analysis from Ball State. She loves being a part of all the fun at Prism Project.

Kailee Saulsgiver.jpg

Christian Zependa

My name is Christian Zepeda and I am an Instrumental Music Education Major at Ball State with a focus on piano and viola. I am part of the Ball State Symphony Orchestra, and I am involved with extracurriculars at Ball State where I get to teach string instruments to students. Currently this will be my senior year, and this will be my third time participating in Prism Project. Since teaching is one of my passions along with music, I really enjoy guiding students through the wonders of learning the arts and this program is amazing at that. I am very energetic when it comes to having to use it for the variety of activities Prism Project has to offer along with having great listening skills to what others need. I am also great at making compromises with others and attempt at making everyone happy. 


Josie Elsby

Hi, my name is Josie Elsby and I'm a sophomore at Ball State University majoring in Special Education Mild Interventions. 


Sally Kang

Sally Kang is an elementary general music specialist and teaches at Ball State University. She taught in the K-12 environments and at the university level in South Korea and in the US. She completed all levels in Kodaly and Orff training and serves as a clinician in workshops and at music camps. As a pianist, Sally has performed with symphony and chamber orchestras.

Matthew Myers

Hello! My name is Matthew Myers. I was one of the original performers in the Prism project. I had such fun and learned so much that I wanted to give back to someone else.

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