Since the start of the project, each year has become more efficient. We debrief each rehearsal and learn from each performer.  Depending on the number of performers, we have learned to tailor our rehearsals, behavior plans, and arts segments to fit their needs.  We regularly consult with special educators, behaviorists, and other professionals. This has proven to be beneficial for the success of the program.

In the beginning, one-on-one assistance and individual attention was common for most performers. Because of our continued improvement to deliver instruction, the students with disabilities that we serve are at a higher level of performance and have developed lasting relationships with the friends they see every week.














In fact, older students in the project have developed a social group that has lasted over the years. They go on outings together, invite each other to parties, and learn to communicate with each other through social media and other means. This has all stemmed from the Prism Project and their involvement in the arts.

"Rizzie's story" was used in Ball State Universities media campaign, see the impact it made for her.