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Many students with special needs have trouble connecting with their peers in a lasting, meaningful way.  What better way to work together than to learn about Cole Porter's "Friendship."  This group of kids met with a voice teacher each to prepare for this piece.  They learned about communicating with the teacher as well as working together as a team to create an ensemble sound.

In both examples, we open tuned the guitars (key of A) so that the performers could easily pick up the chords. The piano player and drummer had previous experience. The "ringer" is a BSU student helping them through Sweet Home Alabama!!

Each musical number teaches the Prism performers certain musical elements including rhythm, melody, harmony, and how to have fun performing.  "Too Darn Hot" by Cole Porter introduced the kids to all four musical elements, most importantly how to enjoy the performance. 

"We are Family" with the full Prism Cast!!”  The best part of Prism Project are the friendships made through music, theater, and dance.


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